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Mansion House Residential Home shall be managed and conducted so that residents retain their personal dignity and maximum independence compatible with the limitations of their physical and/or mental infirmity.

Residents will:
  • Have skilled sensitive care to enable them to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.
  • Have the social, emotional, religious, cultural and ethnic needs accepted and respected.
  • Choose their own medical practitioner from the two surgeries that we utilise and consult them in private and give prior consent to their treatment.
  • Manage their own personal and financial affairs.
  • Have access to a relative, friend or adviser who as an "advocate" has a facility to pursue matters on their behalf.
  • Be able to exercise civil rights and duties, in particular to vote at elections and receive political literature.
  • Have their personal privacy accepted and respected.
  • Be consulted about routines within the residential home and participate in discussions regarding any major changes.
  • Be fully involved in and informed about the individual assessments of their care needs.
  • Be able to make informed choices about their future health care and personal plans.
  • Fully informed about the care provided by the home.
  • Be aware of and have access to community and social facilities.

Our primary aim is to enable our residents to live as normally as possible in a situation where the individuality, independence, abilities and personal dignity are respected at all times whilst at the same time to provide emotional support when needed. Our home is currently registered for 36 elderly persons.

Our aim is for residents to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that help is always at hand be it day or night, and that they are not alone, unless it is their wish to be so. Our residents are encouraged to use all their abilities to maintain their independence and enjoy their lives as fully as possible.

We encourage our residents to feel an important member of our home by involving them in the running of the home as much as possible including fund raising, garden planning, recreational activities and our regular trips out. We encourage them to offer friendship and support to new residents and by doing so make them also feel an important part of the running of our happy, caring home.

At Mansion House Residential Home our policy will always be that when a resident joins our home that he/she will remain with us for as long as professionally practicable with the assistance of the extremely professional services of the District Nurse Team and the local General Practitioners.

Elderly persons who may have suffered the disabilities of Stroke/Arthritis or any illness that has affected their mobility and independence can be cared for on a long term basis within out home. However, whilst we are happy and able to accommodate residents with mild non-disruptive confusion, sadly, we are unable to care for residents whose mental condition invades the welfare of other residents within the home.